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    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Week 13 - Revision and Assignment 2

    We had lecture today..Basically Mr.Yeap summarized the whole 12 lectures into 1 for us and explained to us the exam format. Section A consist of 20 MCQs (2 marks each). Section B is short answer questions which is claimed to be the hardest part. Section 3 consist of what we've done for our assignments..I'm not sure how are we even gonna manage to finish the paper. Section 3 is so time consuming and the paper is like only 3 hours. Ahh..just handed in my assignment 2 on Tuesday. For assignment 2 which is a continuation of Assignment 1b, we had to create a design class model. This is something similar to the analysis class model but more detailed and with methods. after that, we had to do a sequence diagram with 1st cut for a single use case not forgetting the pseudo code for it. Next, we had to do a relational data model..This somewhat reminded me of database. Last but not least, we had to design the user interface design..I added a nike shoe pic for my main menu..Awesome! Had to use some VB program to do this interface..

    not bad eh?


    Friday, May 23, 2008

    Week 12 - System Interfaces

    Final week of lecture for the syllabus, assignment 2 is due on Sunday with a 2 day extension..Sighs, despite towards the end of the week. I still have heaps of assignments due on week 12 and 13. We were taught the relational databases rules and how to convert from a class domain diagram into a relational model. We were shown a automation boundary on a system-level DFD and how to create a new order based on it. We were also shown a structure char for creating a new order.


    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Week 11 - User Interface

    This week, we were taught bout user interfaces. There are 2 kinds of interfaces, one is system interface which the input and output of the system requires mininal human interaction. Second is the input and output requires heaps of human interaction. The user system is basically everything end user comes into contact with while using the system.There are 3 kinds of aspects of the user interface. One would be the physical aspect which involves devices touched by the user, manuals, documentation, and forms. Second is the perceptual aspect which is everything the user sees, hears, or touches such as screen objects, menus, and buttons. Last is the conceptual aspect where is what the user knows bout the system and logical function of the system. More examples of SSD, forms and sites interface were shown for user interface.


    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Week 10 - OO Design

    On week 10, we learned about 2 important models used in OO design which are design class diagrams and interaction diagrams which is also known as sequence diagrams. Object-oriented design is after analysis and before programming. We were shown the difference between a domain class diagram and design class diagram. The design class diagram is a more detailed version of the diagram and involves methods. Besides that, we were taught how to develop a first-cut sequence diagram. This is important as we need to know these stuff for our 2nd assignment to come. Besides that, nth much really..we were shown heaps of examples for this weeks lecture.


    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Week 9 - Structured Design
    Assignment 1b

    We learned about automation system boundary and the DFD of it, showing us how to separate the different functions in a system and its boundary. Besides that, we also learned about system flowchart and given various examples on it. Structure chart was next, we learned the symbols 1st. Theres an arrow for if else cases, similar iteration, input output and ..Can't recall the last one, Gasp!
    Next, we learned how to develop a structure chart from a DFD fragment..We were given heaps of examples.

    Assignment 1b was due on 4th May 2008, we had to draw a context diagram, use case diagram with its narratives which 3 or 4 must be detailed and class diagram based on the event table we did in Assignment 1a. The event table i did back then had some mistakes, so i had to correct them to improve my assignment. It was a really busy weekend for me working on the assignment. I've yet to start on my comp science prac..Gonna start on it now cya~


    Week 7/8 - Finishing Analysis and The nature of good designing

    Been to busy to blog over the past 2 weeks..Heaps of assignments from all 4 units although there was no lecture on week 7. For week 8, we did a double lecture due to Mr. Yeap not feeling well on the 7th week. So we did both lecture 7 and 8 since both are short topics.

    On week 7, we are studying about the analysis phase in the SDLC. We started off with scope deciding and determining level of automation. Basically after decisions are made and requirements defined, request for additional system functions are made. There are 3 kinds of automation levels: low level(simple computer records), medium level(combines features from both low and high levels) and high level(involves business function processing). We also learned about the key criteria for selecting alternatives which are strategic planning, economic feasibility, schedule and resource feasibility, technological feasibility, and operational, org., and cultural feasibility. There are also 3 types of partial matrix which we needed to know: partial matrix of general requirements, partial matrix of functional requirements, and partial matrix of technical requirements.
    Benchmarking - evaluate the system against a standard.

    On the 8th week, we learned about good designing nature. Basically in the SDLC phase, we are studying about the design phase right after analysing. I will not go into details but basically we learned about designing and integrating the network, designing the application architecture, etc. Besides that, we also learned about various architectures.


    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Week 6 - Assignment 1a

    This week's lecture was about domain model class diagrams, use case diagrams, use case detailed model and System sequence diagrams, otherwise known as SSDs. Besides that, assignment 1a is due today..We had to draw event tables consisting of event, trigger, source, use case, response and destination. We weren't told bout how detailed the event table has to be. Therefore, I don't know if my table is detailed enough. Time to start my 1003 assignment..toodles!


    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    Week 5 Tutorial

    Totally forgot bout blogging during the 1 week mid semester break =p Yesterday we had week 5 tutorial, we learned how to draw DFD diagrams and try it out ourselves. Theres many types of DFD diagrams with its own diff purpose and we needed to know how to differentiate every diff type. Had some trouble with level 0 diagram. Looks like i need to start revising esp with assignment 1 due this Sunday.